Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
Jack Welch

Whether you’re looking looking for ways to accelerate business growth or to create a Center of Excellence, leveraging the experience of a virtual Chief Operating Officer will give you the edge.


It all comes down to a few words beginning with “C”.


[klar-i-tee] noun: clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
Most growing businesses have a goal and some even have a plan to achieve it.  But, according to a recent study, only 9% of businesses are consistently achieving the results they expect through strategy implementation*.

After our business capability review, you will become laser-focused on your goals and have to tools to completely align your business towards achieving them.  But it won’t lock you in.  In fact, you’ll have mechanisms for adjusting if something fundamentally changes, the flexibility to make decisions quickly and take action.


The great thing about implementing a set of systems that work for your business, is that the same strategies that allow you to successfully complete once will allow you to successfully complete many times over.  The age-old adage that “success breeds success” is true!
FACT: a simple and streamlined approach increases predictability, decision-making, efficiency and effectiveness.

By the time you are using consistent business systems, you’re not just avoiding unnecessary costs but multiplying the value of your initial investment.


When you’re growing a business you work hard and you expect your people to work hard.  You’re hungry for the next client, the next deal, the next level.
But… we all know it is about working smarter not harder.

Do you always prioritize short-term demands?  Are politics “louder” than good judgement? Are projects running late with questionable results? Are people meeting for the sake of it, instead of with purpose? Do you know who is working on what? Are team members spread too thinly?  What is the cost of this to your business?

Getting the fundamentals in place early lays the foundation for long-term value creation.  And building your capability is going to deliver returns.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing a business-appropriate growth methodology gives you an edge over competitors.  It determines whether your happy client will return or whether your product will hit the market before someone else gets there first.

Social media has created a new world where good news finally travels more quickly than bad.  Positive results secure your position in your marketplace. They command respect.  They inspire your team. All creating more opportunities to succeed.

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Need a little more convincing?

Client Love

“When we hired Bec Morse, our company was in its fourth year.  We had 15 staff and were hiring to fulfil our strong pipeline of work.  

We knew we needed to more efficiently manage our work to ensure that we were doing the right projects at the right time, and that we were doing them effectively with the right resources.

Bec built a customized project management solution that addressed our business challenges while being mindful of our culture and priority placed on our clients.  

It was simple enough that our staff could embrace it without feeling like they were burdened with process. Also, she enlisted input from staff so they were vested in its success.

The value of this investment will be measured as the years go by.  

  • Already, after 3 months, we have found a nice rhythm.
  • Partners are better able to make decisions about resources.
  • Staff better understand the value of our work to the company and to their individual goals.
  • We’re thoughtful about why and when we introduce a project and how we wrap up.
  • We share information about projects with the whole team every week. It generates a useful dialogue and motivates the team to get the process bedded down.

Bec has a great demeanor that in part reflects the work style and culture of her key stakeholders on a project. This approach was instrumental in the project’s success and will continue to mold the growth of our relationship with her.”

Eric G, Partner

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* “Why Good Strategies Fail: Lessons for the C-Suite”, The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013